Friday, June 11, 2010

Alaska...I have arrived

Well. Ugh. I never thought I would actually hear myself say this but I AM READY TO WORK!! I am having so much fun on vacation...for real. But I have accomplished zero in the sense of well...accomplishment, therefore, it is time I get off my hind end and work. I left Jessica on Thursday and arrived in Ketchikan that afternoon...immediately I missed the ferry across to the main island. However, after a thirty minute wait (spent text messaging like a crazy woman) I finally jumped on the ferry and crawled across the water and met up with my cousin Tony. Today I played with Melissa (check out and she taught me how to make hammered jewelry (not sure if that is the correct technical term but that is what I call it) and then we explored the "city" by foot with her two boys. I just loved them! I know if Kenzie was there she would have offered them a cute pen in attempts to have them sit on her lap. They were just ADORABLE! Saw my old babysitter (who hasn't aged a day since she was 20...42 years ago). Tomorrow Melissa and I are doing a photo shoot and I get to model some of their products for them! I am so excited for many many reasons. I just love their stuff so it will be fun to wear it! Plus the pics will be a great souvenier from my time spent in AK. I am so happy to be here. Oh and I wore my bright yellow rainboots today. As soon as my cousin found out he was embarrassed because one of his friends/coworkers mentioned "this girl with bright yellow rainboots" walking around town today. So now he gets to go to work on Monday and explain that "that girl" was actually his cousin. I don't see a problem here :)

Well I am off to bed. Big day ahead of me tomorrow...I love and miss everybody sooo much! xoxo

Friday, June 4, 2010

Will somebody please feed Daisy?

Daisy is the mule I was fortunate enough to ride yesterday. I just loved her. Turns out riding a mule is pretty much the exact experience as riding a horse. Who knew? Not sure what I was expecting but half way through the seven mile excursion through the luscious forests of Washington, it just hit me that really Daisy was just like a horse with EXTREMELY long ears. Ha! I am sore. Daisy just wanted to eat the entire ride so basically this is what happened for just about 2 1/2 hours: Daisy would grab a branch with her mouth and pull it along with her until it would snap back and come flying at my face full force so then I would squeal and duck which would excite Daisy and she would jump forward to get away from the racket I was making on top of her. Once I would find my balance she would be back at it with another branch. It was fun though! And I have to say it was nice to spend some time with Mary and do some bonding. After the ride, I was clearly exhausted so once we got back to the house I took a 2 hour nap. I must be getting old. Although, Denny and Mary were quick to point out that they DID NOT need a nap. LOL.

Upon my awakening, Denny told me we were going for another ride and "Uh no." just vomited out of my mouth. I just didn't have it in me to do another mule ride. Mary informed me he was talking about the Mustang. My dad has a '66 Mustang which I la la la love!! I have always had a soft spot in my heart this vintage beauty and he let me drive it!! Oh I just felt like a movie star and loved every minute of it.

Finally got my running shoes from UPS yesterday so after all my excitement I was able to go for a run. I'm sure the neighborhood is thinking "finally she is done wearing those bright yellow boots!" Its just not as fun when I can't jump in puddles though.

Not sure what is on the plate for today. Hope everybody is doing great! Love and miss you all! xoxo

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I obviously miss everybody!

At first I was certain that three weeks of vacation was exactly what I needed. And then, 11 days later, I have realized that is quite the contrary. I miss all my family and friends in Montana so much! Don't get me wrong, I am so happy to be spending time with everybody on my vacation but I have realized that I'm just not set up to be away from my usual life for this long. Right now I am visiting my biological father and his wife. I am definitely blessed to be here for sure. Denny and I had a nice conversation and bonding road trip yesterday to Olympia and it was consensual that we both appreciated the fact that we were back in each other's life. I almost feel like we never really missed a beat. I know that there is a lot we don't know about each other and I really hope we have many opportunities to fill whatever gaps there may be. Yesterday I met their mules, Marco and Daisy, and was also introduced to the miniature donkeys, Jack and Jenny. What cute little munchkins! I could just hug those sweet little mammals. I don't have any sneakers with me right now (hurry up UPS) and so yesterday when I went on my walk I wore my bright yellow rain boots! They are actually very this morning, I went on another three mile walk in them. I am sure the people driving past me are like "what is that girl doing?!?" but oh well. Sounds like today we are going to ride the mules :) I am super excited! I have certainly never done that before.

Hope everbody is well. I love and miss you all like crazy!