Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So I wrote this blog about 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to get online with my laptop to post it but now I can! So here I go...Woaha. I have not blogged in ages and for this I am so very sorry. Apparently when the lodge advised me that the internet would be spotty they were in fact telling the absolute truth. Who knew…because of this, nearly a week or more passes between each World Wide Web session I am able to enjoy. Today I used the office computer to check my email and dabble in facebook for a minute. I would like to say that not much exciting business has been happening but in fact it is quite the opposite. Work is keeping me on my toes each and every day. I discovered (the hard way) that I will not be enjoying a “day off” this entire summer. The good news is that I do get a nice lengthy break in the middle of the day. On these breaks I have been doing a plethora of adventures ranging from kayaking, fishing, hiking, napping, etc. As hard as this work is, I just absolutely love it and cannot wait to come back next year! Just a quick example of my day: awaken between 4-5 am depending on my shift. Head down to the kitchen and prepare for breakfast. Serve breakfast. Eat breakfast. Clean dining room and set up for formal dining. Clean the cottage (That is my assignment. This is appropriate because my dad built it.) Help with whatever chores remain for other girls. Lunch…which starts whenever we are done, normally around 11…then back to work between 3:30-5:30 again depending on my shift. Serve 5 star four course dinner…clean dining room and do dishes. Set up for breakfast. Work lounge duty if it is my night. Go to bed. Do it all over again the next day. The only variation is turn over days which I may compare to the end of the world. Those are the hectic days when guests leave and arrive at the same time. Nearly everything goes wrong and people get crabby. I have yet to catch the BIG ONE. One of my captains (we each have our own…I actually have two) said he would take me out to the best spots one night and I would catch something worth bragging about. I am super excited for this opportunity. Just waiting for the right night when the salmon are jumping and conditions are just right. In other news, I believe I am single. The mister and I have rarely talked these last few weeks and so I told him “I can’t do this anymore”. I offered him the opportunity to talk about it and his lack of response indicates a decline therefore my relationship status is once again single. Normally I would be heartbroken, especially because I have wanted to be with this kid for 7 years but life goes on. Besides, I am on an Alaskan adventure and getting paid for it! My life rocks! This situation also guarantees me the opportunity to travel to BYU football games with Kenzie and find new sweet Mormon boys. Nothing about that disappoints me. Plus he mentioned that all his ex’s ended up engaged to the next person they dated after him…that is only good news for me! Ha! What else can I talk about?? Oh sometimes I have soooo much energy at night that I go run circles around the dock. I often am able to gather a crowd of people. They normally point and ask “what is that girl doing?!?” Sometimes they even wander down to the dock and that is especially embarrassing for me because I just have to run by them a million times and I don’t know if I should talk to them or just keep running…or if my butt is jiggling and they are laughing?!? I run probably close to 1000 stairs throughout the day while working so that is keeping me thin…which is important because I have adopted a strict “at least one cookie a day” policy since I have been here.
Well I should probably get to work…gotta go serve dinner. I love and miss everybody so much it hurts! I cannot wait to get back to Montana and catch up. If anybody wants to send me some Kashi cereal with the fiber twigs and protein puffs I would love you forever! xoxo

So there you go! Now that I can get online in my bunk house (just started getting service yesterday!!) I will blog more regularly. Love every body!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Greetings from the inside passage

It has been one month, 2 days, 4 hours, and 13 minutes since my last post. Never have I gone this long without blogging. I did manage to find time to type up a blog a week or so ago but have yet to get online with my own laptop and do the copy/paste maneuver...therefore, I will start from the beginning. I am not completely sure where my last blog left off so I am going to grace everybody with an example of a typical day here in Alaska. I waken anywhere between 4:00 and 5:00 am depending on my shift. We set up for breakfast and serve the guests at 6 am. Following a quick bus of the dining room, we set up for the staff breakfast during which we have a staff meeting. For those of you that are curious and just dying to know, staff breakfast normally consists of oatmeal, cereal bar (which is really just honey nut scooters and raisin bran), and whatever may be leftover from the guest breakfast. My team of hospitality gals then cleans the entire dining room...again...and sets up for dinner. This includes setting anywhere from 20-35 places for guests and captains. I am now able to claim competency in the art of setting a table correctly. I have also mastered a few napkin folds, including a boat. When we are done with the dining room, I head to the cottage and clean. This is very similar to cleaning a house every single day. This similarity is actual because really the cottage is a house. In fact it is the house that my dad built. This task takes anywhere from an hour to 2...depending on the day, the rowdiness of the guests, and how dirty people can get. It is policy that when we finish our own chores we proceed to help the other girls so typically I end up (shoulder shrug) helping the other girls. My lunch break is normally at least 2 hours if not more. This break again, depends on the day, how much work is to get done, how much work gets done, and whatever else may be a deciding factor. I spend my break a number of different ways. Some usual activities include fishing, hiking, eating, kayaking, napping, laundry, etc. When break is over I head back to work and begin getting ready for dinner. Our evening ends around 8:30-9:00 depending on what shift we are working. Later if I am on lounge duty. Basically I work. A lot.

I guess now I will let everybody know how life is going. I'm sure you all know (all FIVE of my followers) that my phone was disconnected by Alltel because they did not want me using it in Alaska. This was quite the tragedy until I realized that I actually didn't mind not being connected to everybody. I have 4 or 5 numbers in my new trac phone and that is plenty. Besides, I do not have time to text all day nor do I have time to visit on the phone. I have worn out my shoes. I bought a pair of black shoes just for serving meals in. Either they were cheap (very likely) or I am just working so extremely hard at every meal (also very likely) that the soles have just decided to become paper thin and may not even last through the week. Cross your fingers. Unfortunately we operate on snail mail here, only getting mail once a week, it would probably take until the end of August to actually get anything delivered here. I managed to secure myself a trip to the ER in Ketchikan and I had to fly PacAir to get there. I went out fishing on a lunch break last week and my coworker literally caught me with her fishing pole. She was casting out, hit my leg and pulled. The hook went as far as it could possibly bury itself in my thigh and the barbs made sure they stuck. AND peeps thought they could pull it out. OUCH!!!!!! After screaming bloody murder and proving that I didn't need them to try anymore (after two failed attempts), a phone call was made to fly me in to the hospital and let a real live doctor finish the task. I survived. It was touch and go for awhile. And yes, that may be an exaggeration, but until you have a giant barbed fish hook in your leg, do not judge me. Gracias. We are fortunate enough to have a 4 course meal served every night and these are easily compared to 5 star meals...right down to the dessert which we all know is Sarah's favorite part. After successfully eating only brownie for dinner one to many nights for dinner, I decided to give up on desserts and get serious about eating healthy. Mission failed. Not even 24 hours later, I received a care package packed full of treats. The only way to curb my dessert fetish is to force myself to eat the meal first so that I am to full for treats. So far...not so successful but there is improvement. As we all know, I am waking up before the sun (which really isn't true since it seems to never actually go fully away here...) so some days I am only able to crawl out of bed, throw on a shirt and get down to the dining room. On these particular days, I don my glasses. I have managed to lose track of how many times I have been called "Sarah Palin" and every body just thinks it is absolutely hilarious because we are in Alaska. This last group of guests had a bunch of men from Texas and they referred to me as "Gov'na" the entire time. The chefs call me "Governor" or "Moscow" and I just claim that I can see Russia from my bunk house.

Well, I better go check on my laundry and take a nap...typlical break time. Hope all is well for everybody. I am missing you all like crazy and can't wait to get home. xoxo

Friday, June 11, 2010

Alaska...I have arrived

Well. Ugh. I never thought I would actually hear myself say this but I AM READY TO WORK!! I am having so much fun on vacation...for real. But I have accomplished zero in the sense of well...accomplishment, therefore, it is time I get off my hind end and work. I left Jessica on Thursday and arrived in Ketchikan that afternoon...immediately I missed the ferry across to the main island. However, after a thirty minute wait (spent text messaging like a crazy woman) I finally jumped on the ferry and crawled across the water and met up with my cousin Tony. Today I played with Melissa (check out and she taught me how to make hammered jewelry (not sure if that is the correct technical term but that is what I call it) and then we explored the "city" by foot with her two boys. I just loved them! I know if Kenzie was there she would have offered them a cute pen in attempts to have them sit on her lap. They were just ADORABLE! Saw my old babysitter (who hasn't aged a day since she was 20...42 years ago). Tomorrow Melissa and I are doing a photo shoot and I get to model some of their products for them! I am so excited for many many reasons. I just love their stuff so it will be fun to wear it! Plus the pics will be a great souvenier from my time spent in AK. I am so happy to be here. Oh and I wore my bright yellow rainboots today. As soon as my cousin found out he was embarrassed because one of his friends/coworkers mentioned "this girl with bright yellow rainboots" walking around town today. So now he gets to go to work on Monday and explain that "that girl" was actually his cousin. I don't see a problem here :)

Well I am off to bed. Big day ahead of me tomorrow...I love and miss everybody sooo much! xoxo

Friday, June 4, 2010

Will somebody please feed Daisy?

Daisy is the mule I was fortunate enough to ride yesterday. I just loved her. Turns out riding a mule is pretty much the exact experience as riding a horse. Who knew? Not sure what I was expecting but half way through the seven mile excursion through the luscious forests of Washington, it just hit me that really Daisy was just like a horse with EXTREMELY long ears. Ha! I am sore. Daisy just wanted to eat the entire ride so basically this is what happened for just about 2 1/2 hours: Daisy would grab a branch with her mouth and pull it along with her until it would snap back and come flying at my face full force so then I would squeal and duck which would excite Daisy and she would jump forward to get away from the racket I was making on top of her. Once I would find my balance she would be back at it with another branch. It was fun though! And I have to say it was nice to spend some time with Mary and do some bonding. After the ride, I was clearly exhausted so once we got back to the house I took a 2 hour nap. I must be getting old. Although, Denny and Mary were quick to point out that they DID NOT need a nap. LOL.

Upon my awakening, Denny told me we were going for another ride and "Uh no." just vomited out of my mouth. I just didn't have it in me to do another mule ride. Mary informed me he was talking about the Mustang. My dad has a '66 Mustang which I la la la love!! I have always had a soft spot in my heart this vintage beauty and he let me drive it!! Oh I just felt like a movie star and loved every minute of it.

Finally got my running shoes from UPS yesterday so after all my excitement I was able to go for a run. I'm sure the neighborhood is thinking "finally she is done wearing those bright yellow boots!" Its just not as fun when I can't jump in puddles though.

Not sure what is on the plate for today. Hope everybody is doing great! Love and miss you all! xoxo

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I obviously miss everybody!

At first I was certain that three weeks of vacation was exactly what I needed. And then, 11 days later, I have realized that is quite the contrary. I miss all my family and friends in Montana so much! Don't get me wrong, I am so happy to be spending time with everybody on my vacation but I have realized that I'm just not set up to be away from my usual life for this long. Right now I am visiting my biological father and his wife. I am definitely blessed to be here for sure. Denny and I had a nice conversation and bonding road trip yesterday to Olympia and it was consensual that we both appreciated the fact that we were back in each other's life. I almost feel like we never really missed a beat. I know that there is a lot we don't know about each other and I really hope we have many opportunities to fill whatever gaps there may be. Yesterday I met their mules, Marco and Daisy, and was also introduced to the miniature donkeys, Jack and Jenny. What cute little munchkins! I could just hug those sweet little mammals. I don't have any sneakers with me right now (hurry up UPS) and so yesterday when I went on my walk I wore my bright yellow rain boots! They are actually very this morning, I went on another three mile walk in them. I am sure the people driving past me are like "what is that girl doing?!?" but oh well. Sounds like today we are going to ride the mules :) I am super excited! I have certainly never done that before.

Hope everbody is well. I love and miss you all like crazy!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


This innocent looking carry on nearly weighs as much as me. Wheels would have been nice. Also, isn't it ironic that the final destination is Alaska?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Four more sleeps

I leave in four sleeps. I am so super excited but then when I start thinking about it I realize that I am leaving my family, my friends, my puppy, and basically life as I know it. I'm pretty sure I'm all ready to go though. All I need to do is put my scriptures in my carry on, load up my lap top, and decide what to wear for my first flight. Every time I think about leaving I am just ready to burst with happiness but then today it really hit me hard and now I also get so teary eyed. I can honestly say that I do in fact have the worlds best friends and I will miss them with everything I have. I normally do not go a day without seeing Kenzie and I am not sure how I will handle this. There will obviously be lengthy conversations and multiple text messaging sessions and I really hope that will suffice and keep us happy. This last weekend Kiss and I went to the park and laid out in the sun doing our best to absorb as much Vitamin D as we could. We listened to music and read and just loved every minute together. We also finished some branding this weekend...well they finished. I just helped round up the cattle in the morning then I had to sneak away to work. Not before I test drove a SUV with my dad though! So on Friday, Kenzie and I were walking downtown and I showed her this Ford Escape I like. She convinced to test drive it...and as of Monday (today) at noon it belonged to me!! My sister just got home last night for the entire summer and of course we get to have about an hour a night together. We haven't been spending much time together the last few months so it has been nice to see her and re bond with each other. As much as I get frustrated with her, I still love her, and will miss her. My parents have been so supportive of every decision of mine lately and it is getting harder to leave them as well. I was doing some math and it a been in probably 28 years since I have gone three months without seeing my parents. This should be interesting. I am completely expecting tears..often tears while in Alaska. Mom and I went for a hike tonight in or backyard and I found a trail I never knew existed! I always just went straight up the hill behind the house and up to the meadow above that. Turns out there is another trail going the other direction and it has the most amazing views! I might have to do that hike the next three days as work out.
I drained my battery on the digital camera taking so many pictures. I just loved it! Who woulda guessed that I could live/be a part of this house for nearly 20 years and not know about this trail! Well, I just want all my friends and family to know that I love them with all my heart and I will miss every body soooo much. I already feel excitedt to get home so I can see everybody. Thank goodness for blogs, social networking, email, and text messages to get me through the next three months. XOXO all my besties!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Final Countdown

I am entering my last week in Montana. I am getting anxious. I am just about to explode because I have so much joy circulating through my body with the most complete determination to escape. I don't even know what to do! There is this feeling that I have never experienced before and I am honestly at a loss for words. I feel like I can only say "I am sooo excited" so many times and it never completely gets the point across. I am in a tremendous need for new adjectives. Or I just need to leave. I finally ordered my rain boots on Thursday night (at 9 pm) and shipped them to Taury in DC because I figured, "Hey...that way I KNOW I will get them before I head north." HE GOT THEM THE NEXT DAY!!! Whowhat?!? I didn't even pay for shipping. I have never received anything so quickly before. Regardless, I had Taury open them and see if they were just as fantastic as I hoped they would be and he said "well...they are sure yellow." I just didn't want anybody to lose me...figured if I had bright yellow boots, I would always be recognizable. Ha! I pretty much have everything packed but now I am starting to second guess everything. I just keep remembering my last vacation and I only utilized a couple items out of my suitcase (the hazards of being a shopoholic). Its inevitable, this will be the situation once again I am just sure. I packed plenty of shirts just so I am prepared for every occasion and now I am wondering if I will even be subject to many "different" situations. I'm sure it will just be hot and humid on the east coast so all I will need is tanks and shorts. And on the west coast it will be warm but not humid so I am sure I can get away with the same attire. And every where I am going has washing machines :) I guess what I am saying is that I should just unpack some of the more formal attire as I most likely won't need it....and somebody in Seattle won't know that I wore this dress 3 days ago in Washington DC. Right? And if I am desperate, I can always buy something new!

Tonight is my last night at work...Unnaturally, I do not feel completely liberated. I am actually feeling a teense sad. I am going to miss all 14 of my grandmas here. I talked to the lab at hospital and I am going to put my resignation in there since I won't be working there for three months...or maybe never again. I am so going to miss sticking needles in the arms of unwilling patients! Next week is going to be a crazy crazy week. I am already loving it and it hasn't even arrived. Well, since I am at work, I should probably get back to work...hope everybody has a super night! xoxo

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I just love life!

Happy Nueve de Mayo!!

Cooking up a storm

Practicing our singing moves!

The ghost town Church

Its been awhile since I have blogged...but its just because I have been having the time of my life! Not sure where I left off but I will just update since the latest shenanigans. Last weekend T-Cro came to town to visit Kiss so accordingly we all got together and created all kinds of LDS friendly debauchery. Kiss and I snugged up with the snuggies and watched some movies, taped my nose up for Penelope (accordingly), and watched this Irish movie called "Waking Ned Divine" which turned to be quite funny when I could actually understand what they were saying. Kenzie and I planned a Nueve De Mayo party for Mothers Day so we roasted some beef and made spicy shredded Mexican beef quesadillas. We also put together some homemade cabbage salsa and other treats. The party acquired quite the turnout and we had thirteen people there! Way more than I originally expected. My sweet grandma came with my parents and that little lady just walked right into the house like she owned the place. I just love her so stinkin' much! There was some fencing done by the girls just sat in the ol' blue truck and took pictures. As always, we sat in the front row at church, and I love Sunday just like I always do.

Today I met up with Kenzie at the ranch and we went for a nice lengthy jog and I loved every minute of it...minus the strategically placed cow pies and potholes. I was just waiting to break an ankle because that is just what I do. We lifted afterwards which basically meant Kiss and Sarah practicing our non-existent hip/hop dance moves and me trying to handstands...with the occasional leg press or lunge introduced in sporadically. Not mad about it! Might even pull the same action tomorrow.

Ten day until I leave for the great adventure. Wow I am so excited! I started packing this week and I am just pulling my hair out because I have no clue what I should be bringing. I am pretty sure I have everything packed I need for the "vacation" part but past that I am lost. Tonight I ordered a couple things online. I am determined to just WOW Taury since I haven't seen him in 5 months. Plus I just want to be comfortable...and ready for anything! I still need some rain boots and the only pair that appeals to me is just a teense more than I want to spend. Ugh. Sometimes it is so hard being responsible! Ha! Jaxon would be so proud of me though :) He is all about the budget and it is really rubbing off on me.

Well, I should probably get back to work. Tomorrow I got big plans...more ranch runs and dancing workouts, Chinese lunches, and probably more packing. Woohoo! XoXo

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I believe its packing time!

So I leave for my great adventure in 16 days and I am so ready!! I have been sad thinking about leaving my sweet puppy girl Bugatti for three months...and then it finally hit me last weekend that I'm also leaving my family for three months! I am actually quite MORE sad about this. I don't think I have ever been away from my mother for that long. Not sure how that will all work out for me but I will do my best to be strong. At least I know I can always find her on facebook!

I started reviewing my packing list tonight. I just might be doomed. Normally when I pack for a weekend, yes WEEKEND, I end up with at least two BIG stuffed to the top bags. How the heck am I supposed to pack for THREE MONTHS in one suitcase?!? This is why I am starting now. I figured tomorrow I will start the packing process just to see where I am at. If worse come to worse I can always send a package of clothes to Washington and then send back extras to Montana before I head up to Alaska. I am so excited for my adventures! This is going to be such an amazing summer vacation!

Finals are finally over. Thank goodness. I honestly did not know if I would survive the finals week. I was on the verge of a nervous break down Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday until I received my grades. I think the worst thing a teacher can do is make us wait for our fate. I mean...C'MON!! The good news is I passed which means I get to ecru more debt, suffer from more stress, go even more broke, and lose more hair...(insert air grab).

Kenzie made my day today!! I love love love my new hair! We did some red red highlights and level 3 brown over the rest...for anybody that is not a cosmetologist this is probably nonsense. And since I only have 5 followers, I sure the only one that knows what I am talking about is the one that actually did my hair! My favorite part of the shenanigan is when Kiss was rinsing out my hair. Imagine this: me on the floor on my knees, bent over the side of the bathtub and Kiss standing in the tub, shoes off and pants rolled up, trying to maneuver my head to perfect positioning in order to rinse the shampoo off. The best part was when she started shaking my head and perfectly whacked my forehead on the spout. Talk about pain! But the hurt didn't bother me until a few hour later. We were laughing way to hard for the pain to hit me right then...but it made its appearance later tonight.

Well I am going bed. I might get to sleep in tomorrow :) Kisser is coming over in the morning to raid my clothes. Not mad. It is probably about time I get rid of some more. I have enough to fill a real closet down in storage and I haven't worn them for nearly a year. They need a caring and loving home. I think Kenzie will be perfect!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Butcher, The Baker, the Garden Salad Maker

I love my girls! I really really do! I seriously do not know what I would do without them! The night this picture was taken we had gotten together to have the Missionaries out for dinner. Haeli Mae made burgers (and a special chicken breast for moi), I made turtle brownies with cream cheese frosting(we HAD to sample one) and Kenzie the Kiss made a yummy nummy salad. If I have said it once, I have said it a hundred times! I just LA LA LOVE missionary dinners. I love the lessons we receive and I love talking about my experiences in the church and every way the Holy Ghost is a part of my life. I even said my FIRST public prayer! I was so nervous and thought I would just melt and of course I giggled a bit but I eventually got the words out and I felt this amazing feeling and then I just wanted to pray all the time...except I still get nervous and giggle. In fact, last Sunday one of the men in the Bishopric asked me to do the closing prayer for sacrament and I had to pray before I got up there that I would not giggle before I started praying! It is so weird to me because I seriously love public speaking. I can get on stage and talk to a crowd of complete strangers without a hiccup...but when it comes to prayer I just get so nervous! I know it is because Mormon prayer to me is so beautiful and artistic and well I am just not as magical with my words as all my friends are therefore I just turn into a giggling nervous wreck. True story.
Well so much has happened this week! I have my ticket to the east coast, train ticket to DC to see the love of my life, and plane ticket to Seattle! My plans have all been set and I just can not wait for my departure date! Life is so good and beautiful right now! I am the most blessed girl in the world, I promise! I have the best boyfriend and I can not wait to see him. I really want to just run and jump into his arms...maybe even do some love proclaimations?!? Who knows what might come out of this sweet girl's mouth! haha! I am also going to see my cousins that I have not seen in 12 years!! We have been chatting about fun things to do while I am out there so I am excited to see what happens. I think it is safe to say that judging by how many exclamation points I have used and the number of times I have said "excited", I am just ready to be on vacation! I have also decided that I NEED a pair of Hunter rain boots so BAD for my job on the ocean. I looked online for an hour tonight and found a couple pairs I love! I just can't decide whether to get black which goes with everything or get a fun color. One thing I know for sure is that I will be getting Slugs made by "ThoseAlaskanGirls" to wear with my new rainboots!
This coming up week is finals and I can not wait to just get them out of the way and move on to my final year of school! Will everybody just say a quick prayer that I do AWESOME on my tests and pass with flying colors? I would love you forever!
Night's time to catch some much needed Zzzz's. xoxo

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kept my legs straight Spike!

Have I mentioned that I fa la la la love riding horses! I totally love riding horses! Especially Spike! The two of us had such an incredible time on Saturday! This boy loves to run and I love him for that. I can honestly say I never had a dull moment on this steed! Umm...but...I have also never been so SORE after a day of riding. Lets see, today is Wednesday and I can finally walk normal! Haha! All I know though is that I would saddle up this bad boy any day. I heart you Spike!


Anybody wanna shot?!? This was my official job on Saturday at the branding. I HAD SO MUCH FUN! There is just a teense difference between giving a cow a vaccination and a human. If anybody ever stepped up to me with this gadget I would joke. However, I am sure that on this particular day I was the one the calves looked forward too. I didn't scald their hide with a brand, nor did I remove important "parts"...just saying...

Monday, April 19, 2010

I love...(in no particular order)

My family, Taury, my friends, the LDS church, praying, Chip, weekends with my girls, the word "check!", chewy sour candy, Bugatti, life, internet, guitars, music, lip gloss, money, shopping, cars, roadtrips, malls, food, sunshine, clean laundry, last day of school, favorite boots, great jeans, good genes, bran muffins without raisins, pillows, blankets, venison jerky, boneless skinless chicken breast, candles, licorice, fresh salad, LDS friendly chai, open mic night, scrapbooking, cameras, photo opportunities, new gym clothes, working out, brandings, Holy Father, the ocean, new treasures, blogs, hats, scarves, mittens, seafood, sushi, waking up without an alarm (when I want to), movie night, tickles, people playing with my hair, new hair color, "Jump and fall", pita chips and hummus, circus animal cookies, riding horses, fresh strawberries, veggies right out of the garden, running through the sprinkler, Sixth Avenue Apparel, Baby Peach, red couches, vintage boots, dresses, oreo mcflurrys, midnight Perkins treats, hotel gymnastics, love, fresh chocolate chip cookies, pink lady apples, Haeli's banana bread with oatmeal and strawberries, fresh cut green grass, being on lakes in a boat, 4th of July, my birthday, Christmas, decorating the Christmas tree, massages, cuddling, text messages, half tees, puppies, love stories, passing tests, manicures, pedicures, Seattle, airplane rides, cruiser bikes, Channing Tatum, phone calls with Taury, remembering my baptism, every Sunday at church, my dad's secret recipe ribs, big city Macy's, brown paper bag caramel corn, memories, burnout tees, yogurt parfeits, dancing, girl scout cookies, Missionary dinners at the Allen's, hiking, fresh peaches...

I want to go on but its late and I had a long day and all I want to do is go to sleep. I can not wait to go to the gym tomorrow and finally burn some calories! I have such a busy week and I am sure tomorrow will be my only workout day unless I pull some much needed strings. Wednesday I am having din din with my best buds, the Allen's and the missionaries. I am so thankful that I get to get a lesson. It seems like it has been so long and I just love the feeling I get during those nights. This weekend is BRANDING!! Ooh and I am so excited! Kenzie and I get to cook breakfast and dinner for the boys. Plus we get to ride horses!! Woohoo! One of my favorites! But first I have to survive through 2 work shifts, 2 clinical days, studying for tests, and clinical write ups before I get to this weekend. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sarah "Martha Stewart" Downey

Ooh oOh! So my mother apparently found a sale on strawberries at the local Albertsons which resulted in our house gaining approximently 10 pounds of the juicy, delicious red fruit. Tonight I decided that I wanted Strawberry Shortcakes. I searched the house high and low and could not find any Bisquick so I had to (drummmmrolll) make them from scratch! And they were FaBuLoUs! Oh goodness I was in heaven! I have never made those sweet biscuits from scratch before so this made me feel like little Sarah Jane homemaker. Everybody loved them...including my sister who declared earlier that she "was NOT going to eat any strawberry shortcake tonight." I am always up for a challenge and as usual, I proved her wrong! So now I am sitting on the couch, digesting...wishing I hadn't eaten so much.

I found this feature on my camera called "Color Accent" when we were in Missoula and tonight I decided to play around with it for a bit. Jamie came to my baptism and brought me these beautiful blue daises. Two weeks later they are still alive and I decided to play with my camera and the flowers. Bugatti my mini schnauzer decided to help out a bit and actually was pretty dang photogenic. Have I mentioned I love that little stinker!?! I was just telling my mom tonight that I'm so sad that I have to leave her for three months over the summer. Bug is getting a haircut in a week or so and I can not wait! She is so hairy and country girl looking.

Went to the chiropractor today because I had been having some awful neck/back/shoulder pain. At one point he pressed at a spot under my shoulder blade and as he asked "Does this do anything" my entire body sprung up and I practically hit the ceiling. Two ribs out. I have never done that before and still don't know how it happened. What I do know is that I feel a million times better!

Oh love! Just asked my family "where is princess pants?" And my dad immediately knew I was talking about my dog! LoVe! Well American Idol is on so I gotta go. Goodnight blogee loves :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hotel Gymnastics

Turns out I am a gymnast! Oh and Kenzie too! We had too much fun jumping on the beds in our hotel room. But what do you expect us to do when we got a FREE night stay at the Hilton Garden Inn?!? Of course we would celebrate with all sorts of shenanagans. Right before this spectacle we went out and had a hot fudge brownie sundae and french fries. So accordingly, we would have to burn off those calories whilst having a bit of fun on our sugar high. I was not one bit disappointed in this night.

Roger's Pass

Roger's Pass is one of my most dreaded roads in the winter. This is because some parts are practically straight up and down and then the curves are so sharp that 10 MPH seems like you are speeding. On the way to Missoula the weather was gorgeous! It was such a grand and beautiful day. Unfortunately, the next day, during the drive back there was a snow storm. A bad one and I drove at about a stand still the entire pass. I was not a happy girl. Montana's weather is bi-polar. Well, that is at least my observation.

Weekend Recap...CHECK!

Well I started a blog post for last weekends adventures but I just got too frustrated trying to make it all straight with the pictures so now I am starting all over! I had such a blast! Kenzie and I hit the road on Saturday and drove to Missoula for a one-nighter. I really wish I had days though...ugh. Regardless of the lack of time in Zootown, we made every minute count! There is never a shortage of laughs during our rendevous. I feel like one of the biggest laughs came when we were eating trail mix. I dropped a peanut and was like "huh? I can't find my peanut" which yeah, isn't funny at all...until an hour later and Kenzie looks at me, just to burst out in laughter because my said peanut is just resting contently on my scarf snuggled up to my chest. Its not so funny to read I assume but had my followers been there, laughs would have escaped your lips.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love me some sushi!

My FAVORITE place to eat in Missoula is The Good Food Store! They have the best treats! Here I an snacking on their wise spicy california rolls. Can you say yummy?!? Chip (that would be Kenzie) and I ( AKA Peanut) purchased a wide variety of delicious snacks and stuffed ourselves silly. Not mad...check!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Somebody is on the road!

On my way to meet Kenzie in Great Falls! Today is such a treat!


Well today is the day...Kenz and I have been talking about taking another Missoula trip since the FaBuLoUs time we had the last time and today is the day we depart! I have been practicing my roadtrip singing voice and charged up the ol' canon battery. Be prepared for photo shoot snapshots! The only thing missing this trip is the fifth wheel camper which unfortunately does not attach to the back of my grand prix. So sad...not sure if Zootown will be the same without our usual sleeping quarters! Ha! This morning I went and fueled up, washed the wagon, and packed up the newly burned CDs for the ultimate ride. AND everybody should be SO proud of MontanaSarah because I only packed ONE bag!! Can you believe it? Last minute I consolidated...not to say I won't come back with more SHOPPING bags though :) Hehe! Somebody is about to make another wise shopping decision! Fa la la la LoVe it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Life just doesn't get much better than this. Promise. This week I aced a psychology test in school and missed 1 on my semester math test. What makes it even better is to know that I have the bestest friends, family, and just everything! Kenzie and I are headed to Missoula this weekend for a sweet little roadtrip and I am so ready for it! It is only Tuesday but I have burned three CDs, decided what to wear, and will pack before bed tonight! Over achiever or just excited? I don't know the difference...all I know is the two of us girls will have a blast because we always do!

Have I mentioned that I have the worlds best boyfriend? We like, never, get to see each other which is probably good right now because we are both in school and have a lot to focus on. However, I am going out to see him next month and my heart seriously skips beat just thinking about it! I love this sweet boy so much! He always says the right things and regardless of the miles between us, I feel closer to him every single day. My, lets call her "stepmother", refers to him as my "special" friend and it just cracks me up! Heck yes he is special! Lol! But he is also so much more than that. I just know that great things are in store for the two of us...together. I am already dreading the day I have to leave my vacation out east. Ugh.

Well, I should probably get back to school work. I'm pretty sure this stuff is like in it multiplies! I'm not even kidding. Just when I am positive I have finished everything I could ever need to do, there is more staring me in the face as if daring me to even consider being done. Have a good night fellow blogees! xoxo

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My new nose job. Oink.

Somebody got herself a nose job! Okay not really but umm..hello?!? How could you NOT love this! Plus it was so much fun getting a rise out of people with the pig nose look. I will never get tired of the reaction we got from Wendy..."Need any help?", "What time of bread is this?", "Do you know what time it is?" All asked with a straight face trying to get her to look and laugh! Work every time. CHECK! I am sorry but being silly is just what I gotta do. I love myself some laughing for sure :)

Just another perfect day (or week)

So last Sunday was the big day...and by big day I mean my BAPTISM!! It was the most fantastic day of my life EVER! I had expected only the best but I was surprised beyond belief when everything was just way more perfect than I had anticipated. Even seven days later, I still think about my testimony and I get teary eyed. I am generally a happy person but now I am even more cheery! Like, this week, I broke a tooth eating OATMEAL! Who the heck breaks a stinkin' tooth eating oatmeal?!? I do. But in the end I couldn't even consider being mad (no dental insurance, real job, money, etc.) because I was just so incredibly greatful that I was so fortunate to have a dentist that could fix my tooth! I feel like a year ago I might have had an actual nervous breakdown because yeah, it is sort of a big deal. I ended up actually laughing about it minutes after it happened because I felt silly for even crying. Not sure why I even cried...might have had something to do with the fact that I had been talked out of Accidental Dental insurance by the Aflac man just days earlier because my teeth were in perfect condition and have only had maybe 4 cavities my entire 28 years of life. Anyhow, the point I am trying to make is this: I have been blessed in so many ways. The Heavenly Father, Holy Ghost, the gospel and family and friends, my faith and unconditional happiness. I could not imagine life any other way at this point. I am so lucky. I would not take life any other way.

Today is Easter and I spent the entire weekend with the Allen's who are basically my second family. I can not get enough of these folks! Every minute is a laugh with them. Kenz, Haeli and I went on an expedition around the farm via foot today and walked at least 3 miles. Good talk, good laughs and good fun with my girls always brings a smile to my face. I also consumed probably 3 pounds of sugar. Not mad.

Well, ladies and gentleman...I will leave you with this...may the heavenly father rain his blessing upon you and may you feel the joy that I do. xoxo

Monday, March 22, 2010

This day in Ocean Shores held a lot of adventure. First I met with some of the crew from my new job at Sportsman's Cove Lodge. Jessica and I played down on the beach and it is official...I will always be a seagirl. I did not want to get out of the ocean. The smell brings back all memories of the ol' days of living on the shore. I'm ready to be back where I belong.

Every day seemed to be a favorite day on my vacation but our roadtrip to Ocean Shores was just amazing! This is Jessica and me sitting on an old tree which we found on the beach.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last Day of vacation

Today was my last day of freedom. I am so sad. I spent the day with my Auntie Pam and cousin Tony. We had a beautiful brunch and then spent the day at the zoo. It only took an hour to find parking once we got there. Yeah. I am not joking. But once we got in it was really pretty fun! I was just really looking forward to seeing the usual suspects like the giraffe, gorilla, elephant...but then there were a couple I needed to see on top of that because I wanted to get pictures for my friends who lalalove those animals. I rarely get to see Tony and it just broke my heart when we had to say goodbye. The good news is that he is moving to Ketchikan this week so when I am up there this summer I can see him.

This trip has been so fantastic for me. I can't even explain what wonderfulness it has brought to my life but I have been reunited with three very important people: Denny (my birth father), Jessica (my old best friend), and Tony (my cousin). I had the opportunity to be independent and learned how to improvise when plans don't go just the way I want them too. As fun as this trip has been...I have had some disappointments as well. Just because somebody is on vacation, it doesn't mean that real life stops. And although the best thing in life to hold on to is each other, that doesn't always happen. However, in the end, it is the particular nature of the world to go on spinning no matter what sort of heartbreak is happening...which is why I did my best to not be bothered and not let real life bring me down.

After the day with my family, my genius mind remembered that my aunt would be driving up to Montana next weekend to visit so I gave her a couple bags of clothes and shoes to put in her trunk so that I wouldn't have to have any extra baggage for my flight home. It was just such a swell idea! Tonight is pizza and movies. I am practically packed and ready to hit the airport bright and early. Tomorrow is my meeting with the missionary in Great Falls for my final interview before baptism. I am so excited! I'm just nervous for one reason...I sent most of my jeans back with my aunt and all my dresses cause I needed a lighter suitcase which means I don't have anything classy for the meeting. Oops.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Just can't get enough

Seattle has been treating me so well! Yesterday I walked around downtown some more then I enjoyed a couple hour exploration of the Seattle Art Museum. It was amazing! Yes I did get pictures but since I am using my friend's laptop I haven't uploaded anything yet. The exhibits were outstanding! I felt like I was in a maze and just kept walking around and just when I would think I found my way out, I would run into something new. The gift shop made a couple pennies off of me but what do you expect from a tourist!?! I ate at this marvelous little french restaurant right on the water down at the market. All the staff spoke french and it seemed to maybe be a bit pretentious but at the same time I felt like they liked me because I was wearing my birthday dress and sitting by myself. I also spoke as much french as I could which amounts to: Bonjour, merci, bon appetite, and la vie est belle...Didn't get me too far! Ha! Met up with Jessie shortly after that and we participated in some retail therapy before heading over to the Bodies Exhibition. I am a bit disappointed that I paid $20 for that. I have seen more interesting things in my school books and clinical days but it is all about the experience and I am glad I have added it to my list of "Things I have done". Dinner at the Space Needle was AWWWMAZING! We spun around and got to see the entire city and we had delicious food! I am seeing a common theme on this trip: shopping and food. Our waiter was just the best and I had sooo much fun! I could go back there everyday...except there is a $35 minimum per person so that would get pretty expensive. Finished the night with a hike down to the house and movie. Love life!

Today I am headed down to Ocean Shore to meet my new employer and go over job details. It is beautiful and sunny and I can't wait to see what other adventures today brings.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 2 and I heart Seattle. The end.

I want to move here in a minute. No joke. This city is amazing. This city is everything that this little girl's heart has ever desired. Today I bought an umbrella and walked around in the rain and not one second of it bothered me. We all know that Sarah loves the rain but I forgot how much I miss that ocean side fresh rain feeling. The sound and smell and feel....I need it! I spent the day walking around downtown on Pike street and down to the market. I wanted to purchase everything that every body had to offer. There was this little artist that had prints of the city and I had to buy one but I really wanted all of them. I had four in my hand and had to pick just one because I really didn't know where I would put them all.

Well Jess just told me that it is time to go to dinner so I have to jet...I will post more later. Wish me luck climbing up the hill. xoxo

Seattle Day 1

Rule number 1: Do not, under any circumstance, forget anything, I repeat anything, big or small e.g. cell phone charger, in the vehicle. Ever. Or at least when you are staying at my friend Jessica's house in Seattle. I seriously am staying at the BEST vacation spot ever! Her house is like...three feet from the water! I have pictures which I will put up eventually but it may be when I get home. The trick to this house is this: because the tram is broken we have to walk down a treacherous hill to get to the house. And by treacherous hill I don't mean a nice little jot. No. I mean straight up and down with the occasional wooden step. So bad in fact that I left my suitcase in the vehicle! There was no way I would be getting that compact sized car suitcase down the side of this mountain without injury. The kicker is this...what does down must go up. I forgot my cellphone charger in the suitcase last night and since it is the only means of communication I have on this trip, I need it charged. This morning I had to walk up that hill and get it. I must have forgotten to breath the entire time because when I got to the top I thought I was near death. I figure I will just do that climb a couple times a day and that should make up for all the dessert and good food I am enjoying on vacation.

Yesterday was day 1 of vacation and I loved it!! I met up with Denny who is my biological father and it was just a grand time. It felt so good to catch up with him and visit. I am so so glad I got to do that. I really hope we stay in touch. After our visit, I went and experienced the best massage! Sixty minutes of perfect pressure! Lalalaloved it! Then Jessica and I went and did some shopping. Have I told you how much I love Macy's? I love Macy's. I don't love small town Montana Macy's. I love big city Macy's. We ate dinner at this place called "The Triple Door" and it was delicious! Plus we had dessert and the adorable waiter brought it out complete with lit candle and "happy birthday" written on the plate.

Today I am going to conquer the market and more of downtown Seattle. Tonight is dinner at the Space Needle. I am loving this vacation! Keep tuned for more exciting adventure details.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 1: Much success! Lots of shopping and I got the alaska job!! Celebrating with seafood thai noodles. Love my vacation :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I need like...4 more hours in each day please.

Hmm...if I was to rub a magic lamp and was to receive wishes, I would ask for more time. Cash would be nice but time would be better. Because if I had time then I could work and earn my own money. And if I had time then I would not be so rushed to get all my school work done. And another benefit of time would be updating my blog! Regardless though of my actual lack of time, I absolutely love my life! I started packing for my Spring Break vacation today and I am totally trying to not pack too much so that I can go shopping while I am there but how the heck do I decide what I should bring?!? I have so many favorite things and I am just confused. So far I have 3 dresses, 4 jeans, 6 shirts, and 4 pairs of shoes for a 5 day vacation...and I am doing a load of laundry as we speak so I can have a few more of my favorite burnouts to bring with me. I am hopeless.

I had the BEST time in Great Falls this last weekend with my girls Haeli and Kenzie. So much fun that I am going back again on Saturday! These girls and I are the perfect mix of funny, silly, happy, goofy, etc. We went shopping which everybody knows I LOOOOOVE! And I got the best dress ever which Kenzie says makes me look like I am going to a tea party. I am definitely wearing it for my birthday :) And on my vacation! And every other opportunity that I have...yup.

Last night was my last pre-baptism meeting with the missionaries. I made stuffed peppers without a recipe and they turned out amazing! I was so proud of myself. We put together the plan for my baptism and I am just so excited that the day is so close. Like I said before, this is what I want and it feels like a miracle. I keep wishing I had done this sooner but then I have to ask myself if I would have appreciated it five years ago as much as I do now. I am so ready, happy, and prepared to get up and bare my testimony. I want every body to know how much this means to me and I want every body to feel the joy that I feel. I. Love. My. Life.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nothing says "I'm Cool" like a scooter.

So I took my grandmother to lunch and grocery shopping today and it was a BLAST! Until the end...We all know that I am the Queen of bad luck when it comes to the Albertson's parking lot and of course and in true fashion, why would today be any different. Just an introduction, my grandma needs to use the rascal scooter. Today when I parked, I chose a spot on the opposite side of the store not being fully aware that this could be the wrong side in the future. So when we were finished with the shopping expedition, my grandmother drove the scooter out to my car and loaded herself up. Now...we have a scooter and Sarah. Opening scene: Sarah staring at the scooter. Sarah confused how to make scooter move. Sarah losing her mind. Turns out the only way to make the scooter move is to actually SIT on it. This is what made numerous people laugh. Me + HUGE sunglasses + scooter slowly scootin across the parking lot to the appropriate door. How embarrassing. People were seriously asking if they could take pictures! Ha! Plus it took a good four minutes going 1/16 mile per hour to cross so I had plenty of time to contemplate how I may appear to the crowd gathering for the show. How does this stuff happen to me?!?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What goes down, must come up!

The week is almost over...and this has been insane! What I am most thankful for is my mother, my family-esque friends, and Taury. For everything good that happened to me this week, something worse followed. But today my blog is not going to focus on whining or complaining. I am going to praise the good! My clinicals were absolutely wonderful this week! I learned so much and maximized every opportunity I had to take on new skills. I LOVE learning and performing! Regardless of how exhausted I may be at the end of the day, that feeling of accompliment trumps all. I sincerely wish I was doing clinical days every day of the week. Second...I "finished" my hat. And yes, by hat, I mean big, floppy, square shaped, hot mess. But Haeli was a doll and made me a gorgeous flower to attach so today I am gonna work on that and hopefully it becomes something worth wearing ;) Speaking of Haeli, I went over to her place last night and had so much fun! That entire crew is just like family to me and I love my time with them! We made dinner, cookies (Haeli's first time by herself...picture included), and watched a scary movie, which had me shaking in my boots the entire ride home! Dinner was fabulous, cookies were delicious, and although the movie room was freezing, the 17 blankets made the evening perfect! This morning at 6:49 am my phone started ringing...and I was not mad at all when I saw that is was Taury. I absolutely can not hate anything about that guy...perfecto! Had a fabulous conversation and loved every minute of it!

Well...better get ready to hit the shop. If anybody is bored, stop by Sixth Avenue Apparel today and visit me! Love you all!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My choice has positive consequences

I am on a quick break in class and felt this uncontrolable urge to blog about something that happened recently. I have a very good friend that I had dinner with on Friday night. She knows I have been going to the LDS church and brought it up after dinner which, by the way, I now feel she planned the timing so that I wouldn't leave before our delicious food arrived but that is besides the point. My friend decided that she wanted to convince me that I was making the wrong decision even though she does not even attend church or claim to have faith. This absolutely breaks me heart because I know what I am doing is right for me. Before she could move on, I explained to her that everything she was about to say would have no effect on me and that it would be similar to me saying that my favorite color is purple and even though yours is pink, you should chose purple because its the only color I know...or something? It doesn't make sense to me why she would do this when I am clearly a happier person. Oh and the thing that just makes me absolutely crazy is that every argument was backed up by the whole don't drink coffee or soda pop idea. Is that all they think the LDS church is about? I was like "there is more to the church than that. And they don't ban it for fun and to control us...its a suggestion and preventable measure to ensure a healthier life." I couldn't let myself be subject to her behavior so I soon excused myself. I'm not mad at her this because I know she is not experiencing the joy I am and can not possibly understand why I'm accepting this; however, I am disappointed in her for trying to convince me to do otherwise without valid knowledge or reasoning. I understand that not everybody will accept or support my decision and these situations are really just road blocks but I know what I want and what I am going to do.

It hasn't been all bad though. I ran into a friend at church this last Sunday and she mentioned that the last time she saw me (at work), she noticed there was something different about me. I was like "well, I cut bangs?" After seeing me in church last weekend she confessed that I have a new "glow" to me and it was clearly because of my new faith and involvement in the LDS church. My mother has also made this much accepted accusation. I appreciate these positive people that are a part of my life.

In other news...I need to put together a video for the Alaska job interview. I am so hopeful I can get this job. I had a dream I cut my hair off the other night...I'm having Kenzie do my hair in a couple weeks and this may be a sign to do something drastic! What do you all think? I fit into my old "skinny" jeans this morning, so of course I wore them.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Work it! Work it!

I'm a working girl. Sort of. I'm actually a nursing student which means I have no life. Nor do I have an opportunity to hold an actual job. But what I do get to do is beg people to let me work for them on the days that I do not have class, clinical, homework to do or tests to study for. That is what happened today (and tomorrow). As if I don't have enough on my plate, I miss working! I really would not hate having a job again, moreover, I wouldn't hate having the paycheck that comes with it! As a self diagnosed shopaholic, money always comes in handy. I'm preparing for my spring break holiday and as the planning continues, I am obliged to save more money or make more money to compensate for what I will be spending. Dinner at the Space Needle...check. Shopping downtown Seattle...check. Bodies the Exhibition...check. Five days of pure, clean, exciting, fun that will more than likely cost way beyond what I actually have in my bank accout...check...I can not wait! Thank goodness for people willing to not work and tax returns :)

Have I mentioned that I'm getting baptized in the LDS church?!? March the date yo! I told my mom yesterday, who just so happens to be a devoted catholic. Bless her heart, the only thing she was concerned about was whether she would be able to come. I told her that all I want is for her to be there. My mother has been absolutely wonderful during my entire journey and discovery of the Mormon religion. I love her so much and appreciate her support more than anything!

Well...better get back to work. Hope everybody is having a super radical day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Beginnings

So the story of my new boyfriend goes way beyond romance. Shortly after I starting talking with Taurean again, I met a very influential girl (Haeli) and she became a very very close friend...and then again, shortly after that, I was having a rough day babysitting my girlfriend's children and the missionaries rang the door bell. I knew then that somebody was trying to tell me something. This had to be a string of clues that ended with some greater meaning. I asked Haeli if I could go to to church with her and that weekend I joined her. I have been in love with the LDS church ever since that day. I will never forget my first time...I walked out of the church with so much excitement and knowing that this was exactly what I needed. I have maximized every opportunity I have to acquire more knowledge about the Mormon church and how I can become a part of it. I am so incredibly thankful for Jaxon and Haeli Allen for assisting me with my journey. These two have opened up their home for me to meet with the missionaries and have very willingly answered all of my questions. Tonight during my meeting with the missionaries I set a date for my baptism. I know this is right for me. I know the words are true and this is what I want and need in my life. I am so thankful that I have this opportunity and I wouldn't have my life any other way.

In other will never believe what I found today! Fat free, sugar free, calorie free, cholesterol free, gluton free chocolate dip! Who woulda guessed?!? And it isn't even horrible! There is a very possible chance that my body has just convinced itself that this is actually delicious because I have been with holding all other forms of deliciousness from myself since I have been doing this detox stint. (Just what the body ordered after surviving the weekend on Pringles and licorice) Anyhoo...tomorrow is banana and skim milk day and I am planning on dipping my bananas in this chocolate made of nothing and enjoying it as much as I possibly can!

Good night friends!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day Deuce = The Happiest Girl in the World

Well today I had my OB/Peds final and I feel it went pretty well. But that is NOT the best news of the day. What is really inportant is that I GOT A BOYFRIEND!! Hehe! And it is the cutest most adorable story ever :) So, I have been rekindling a romance with a summer fling I had back in 2003. We started talking again (we have always kept in touch but not "romantically") and it has been just wonderful. Today we started the "relationship" talk via text message and my phone started ringing. It was him. He said "I really didn't want to have this conversation over text...will you be my girlfriend?" I know it is cheesy but I love cheese and this made me the happiest girl in the world. This is the guy I will be marrying. Or, I really hope so! Is it wrong that I have already started planning my future pending wedding? haha! Everything just feels so right and I could not ask for anything more. Happy Happy Happy! I am at a loss for words. I really am. But this is my happy face...

I have the biggest and most ridiculous smile. But I have looked like this all day since getting "popped the question"! Lol! I absolutely can not wait to see what the future has in store for me :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

I loved my Valentines Day weekend!!

So I totally can say that I had the BEST valentines day EVER! Plus, the "BEST" lasted from Friday through Sunday! We left for Missoula on Friday morning. "We" are Jaxon, Weston, and Haeli Allen...and then yours truly! Our tour bus was actually a 3/4 ton pickup, 5th wheel trailer, and band equipment trailer...we had quite the rig! Haeli and I knitted the entire way to Missoula. I made bracelets that became known as "power cuffs" which I'm not mad about! Kenzie showed up and us three girls taught the shopping circuit a lesson! If there is one thing that makes me is shopping. Kyle Shobe and The Walk 'Em boys played. I learned how to waltz. The girls became the official "Walk 'Em Girls" (t-shirts will soon be made) Slept 7 deep in the trailer. But the BEST part about the entire weekend was just being with my new friends! I have not laughed as hard or had as much fun as I did this last weekend in so long. Thank you everybody for such an amazing weekend!! Love you!!

My first day!

Hello blog! This is my first time...please bare with me. I am at a completely transitional time in my life and I could not be happier. For nearly twenty eight years I have been fighting to figure out who I am and now it is finally happening! Two years ago I moved to a tiny town in Montana to finish my nursing degree. Best decision ever! As much as I hated it at first, I am so thankful for that decision. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. In my blog I will be exposing all my reasons. But right now...I gotta go get ready to see my friend enjoy your day ( I know I will) and blog ya later!