Saturday, May 22, 2010


This innocent looking carry on nearly weighs as much as me. Wheels would have been nice. Also, isn't it ironic that the final destination is Alaska?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Four more sleeps

I leave in four sleeps. I am so super excited but then when I start thinking about it I realize that I am leaving my family, my friends, my puppy, and basically life as I know it. I'm pretty sure I'm all ready to go though. All I need to do is put my scriptures in my carry on, load up my lap top, and decide what to wear for my first flight. Every time I think about leaving I am just ready to burst with happiness but then today it really hit me hard and now I also get so teary eyed. I can honestly say that I do in fact have the worlds best friends and I will miss them with everything I have. I normally do not go a day without seeing Kenzie and I am not sure how I will handle this. There will obviously be lengthy conversations and multiple text messaging sessions and I really hope that will suffice and keep us happy. This last weekend Kiss and I went to the park and laid out in the sun doing our best to absorb as much Vitamin D as we could. We listened to music and read and just loved every minute together. We also finished some branding this weekend...well they finished. I just helped round up the cattle in the morning then I had to sneak away to work. Not before I test drove a SUV with my dad though! So on Friday, Kenzie and I were walking downtown and I showed her this Ford Escape I like. She convinced to test drive it...and as of Monday (today) at noon it belonged to me!! My sister just got home last night for the entire summer and of course we get to have about an hour a night together. We haven't been spending much time together the last few months so it has been nice to see her and re bond with each other. As much as I get frustrated with her, I still love her, and will miss her. My parents have been so supportive of every decision of mine lately and it is getting harder to leave them as well. I was doing some math and it a been in probably 28 years since I have gone three months without seeing my parents. This should be interesting. I am completely expecting tears..often tears while in Alaska. Mom and I went for a hike tonight in or backyard and I found a trail I never knew existed! I always just went straight up the hill behind the house and up to the meadow above that. Turns out there is another trail going the other direction and it has the most amazing views! I might have to do that hike the next three days as work out.
I drained my battery on the digital camera taking so many pictures. I just loved it! Who woulda guessed that I could live/be a part of this house for nearly 20 years and not know about this trail! Well, I just want all my friends and family to know that I love them with all my heart and I will miss every body soooo much. I already feel excitedt to get home so I can see everybody. Thank goodness for blogs, social networking, email, and text messages to get me through the next three months. XOXO all my besties!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Final Countdown

I am entering my last week in Montana. I am getting anxious. I am just about to explode because I have so much joy circulating through my body with the most complete determination to escape. I don't even know what to do! There is this feeling that I have never experienced before and I am honestly at a loss for words. I feel like I can only say "I am sooo excited" so many times and it never completely gets the point across. I am in a tremendous need for new adjectives. Or I just need to leave. I finally ordered my rain boots on Thursday night (at 9 pm) and shipped them to Taury in DC because I figured, "Hey...that way I KNOW I will get them before I head north." HE GOT THEM THE NEXT DAY!!! Whowhat?!? I didn't even pay for shipping. I have never received anything so quickly before. Regardless, I had Taury open them and see if they were just as fantastic as I hoped they would be and he said "well...they are sure yellow." I just didn't want anybody to lose me...figured if I had bright yellow boots, I would always be recognizable. Ha! I pretty much have everything packed but now I am starting to second guess everything. I just keep remembering my last vacation and I only utilized a couple items out of my suitcase (the hazards of being a shopoholic). Its inevitable, this will be the situation once again I am just sure. I packed plenty of shirts just so I am prepared for every occasion and now I am wondering if I will even be subject to many "different" situations. I'm sure it will just be hot and humid on the east coast so all I will need is tanks and shorts. And on the west coast it will be warm but not humid so I am sure I can get away with the same attire. And every where I am going has washing machines :) I guess what I am saying is that I should just unpack some of the more formal attire as I most likely won't need it....and somebody in Seattle won't know that I wore this dress 3 days ago in Washington DC. Right? And if I am desperate, I can always buy something new!

Tonight is my last night at work...Unnaturally, I do not feel completely liberated. I am actually feeling a teense sad. I am going to miss all 14 of my grandmas here. I talked to the lab at hospital and I am going to put my resignation in there since I won't be working there for three months...or maybe never again. I am so going to miss sticking needles in the arms of unwilling patients! Next week is going to be a crazy crazy week. I am already loving it and it hasn't even arrived. Well, since I am at work, I should probably get back to work...hope everybody has a super night! xoxo

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I just love life!

Happy Nueve de Mayo!!

Cooking up a storm

Practicing our singing moves!

The ghost town Church

Its been awhile since I have blogged...but its just because I have been having the time of my life! Not sure where I left off but I will just update since the latest shenanigans. Last weekend T-Cro came to town to visit Kiss so accordingly we all got together and created all kinds of LDS friendly debauchery. Kiss and I snugged up with the snuggies and watched some movies, taped my nose up for Penelope (accordingly), and watched this Irish movie called "Waking Ned Divine" which turned to be quite funny when I could actually understand what they were saying. Kenzie and I planned a Nueve De Mayo party for Mothers Day so we roasted some beef and made spicy shredded Mexican beef quesadillas. We also put together some homemade cabbage salsa and other treats. The party acquired quite the turnout and we had thirteen people there! Way more than I originally expected. My sweet grandma came with my parents and that little lady just walked right into the house like she owned the place. I just love her so stinkin' much! There was some fencing done by the girls just sat in the ol' blue truck and took pictures. As always, we sat in the front row at church, and I love Sunday just like I always do.

Today I met up with Kenzie at the ranch and we went for a nice lengthy jog and I loved every minute of it...minus the strategically placed cow pies and potholes. I was just waiting to break an ankle because that is just what I do. We lifted afterwards which basically meant Kiss and Sarah practicing our non-existent hip/hop dance moves and me trying to handstands...with the occasional leg press or lunge introduced in sporadically. Not mad about it! Might even pull the same action tomorrow.

Ten day until I leave for the great adventure. Wow I am so excited! I started packing this week and I am just pulling my hair out because I have no clue what I should be bringing. I am pretty sure I have everything packed I need for the "vacation" part but past that I am lost. Tonight I ordered a couple things online. I am determined to just WOW Taury since I haven't seen him in 5 months. Plus I just want to be comfortable...and ready for anything! I still need some rain boots and the only pair that appeals to me is just a teense more than I want to spend. Ugh. Sometimes it is so hard being responsible! Ha! Jaxon would be so proud of me though :) He is all about the budget and it is really rubbing off on me.

Well, I should probably get back to work. Tomorrow I got big plans...more ranch runs and dancing workouts, Chinese lunches, and probably more packing. Woohoo! XoXo

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I believe its packing time!

So I leave for my great adventure in 16 days and I am so ready!! I have been sad thinking about leaving my sweet puppy girl Bugatti for three months...and then it finally hit me last weekend that I'm also leaving my family for three months! I am actually quite MORE sad about this. I don't think I have ever been away from my mother for that long. Not sure how that will all work out for me but I will do my best to be strong. At least I know I can always find her on facebook!

I started reviewing my packing list tonight. I just might be doomed. Normally when I pack for a weekend, yes WEEKEND, I end up with at least two BIG stuffed to the top bags. How the heck am I supposed to pack for THREE MONTHS in one suitcase?!? This is why I am starting now. I figured tomorrow I will start the packing process just to see where I am at. If worse come to worse I can always send a package of clothes to Washington and then send back extras to Montana before I head up to Alaska. I am so excited for my adventures! This is going to be such an amazing summer vacation!

Finals are finally over. Thank goodness. I honestly did not know if I would survive the finals week. I was on the verge of a nervous break down Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday until I received my grades. I think the worst thing a teacher can do is make us wait for our fate. I mean...C'MON!! The good news is I passed which means I get to ecru more debt, suffer from more stress, go even more broke, and lose more hair...(insert air grab).

Kenzie made my day today!! I love love love my new hair! We did some red red highlights and level 3 brown over the rest...for anybody that is not a cosmetologist this is probably nonsense. And since I only have 5 followers, I sure the only one that knows what I am talking about is the one that actually did my hair! My favorite part of the shenanigan is when Kiss was rinsing out my hair. Imagine this: me on the floor on my knees, bent over the side of the bathtub and Kiss standing in the tub, shoes off and pants rolled up, trying to maneuver my head to perfect positioning in order to rinse the shampoo off. The best part was when she started shaking my head and perfectly whacked my forehead on the spout. Talk about pain! But the hurt didn't bother me until a few hour later. We were laughing way to hard for the pain to hit me right then...but it made its appearance later tonight.

Well I am going bed. I might get to sleep in tomorrow :) Kisser is coming over in the morning to raid my clothes. Not mad. It is probably about time I get rid of some more. I have enough to fill a real closet down in storage and I haven't worn them for nearly a year. They need a caring and loving home. I think Kenzie will be perfect!