Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bloggity blog blog blog

Am I the only one is annoyed that she can't use her gmail email to sign into her blog?! It makes me want to scream!!! Like this:

That said, Hello! So tonight went like this: I was cooking dinner with my newly acquired sister (Zoe). I refer to her as this because she has always wanted an older sister and since I am living with her, she has given me the sister title...funny though, I am old enough to be her mother, legit mother. Okay, so anyways, there we were cooking dinner and I was discussing the office "secret Santa" gifts with her mom, also named Sarah. Sarah thinks she knows who her secret Santa is but I know she is wrong! Zoe was just dying to know who her mom's secret Santa was so I used my wisdom and came up with a brilliant plan! I said "Zoe, if you play with my hair for 3o minutes, I will tell you who your mother's secret Santa is. Zoe replied "I WILL PLAY WITH YOUR HAIR FOR AN HOUR!!!" I am weak so I caved...hehe! And an hour later...I had a Christmas tree coming out of my head...

It's all good though. Having her around is such a treat. She eats my cooking, plays with my hair, lets me win at zingo, sings karaoke with me, and spends Saturday afternoons keeping me company in a variety of ways. Zoe is a blessing!

Just a few things to say: I bought some pretty frickin' awesome Christmas gifts for my peeps today! OMG it is so hard for me not to just hand them out 2 hours ago. I'm bad. I have been knitting up a storm as well. One day I decided I wanted to knit some fingerless gloves and now that is my latest craze. Hope ya'll like fingerless gloves because that is my gift of choice this year. I did try the leg warmers...I got halfway through one and decided my attention span was not sufficient for a project of that caliber. Maybe next year.

Well, time to hit the sack. Today was so fabulous and amazing. xoxo

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